On-Site Services

Cart Cleaning/Repair Service

  • Clean and sanitize carts; lubricate casters.

  • Alignment & Safety Inspection

    • ASTM compliance and safety inspection, wheel and caster replacement, cart alignment, correct bent frames, etc.​

  • Major Repairs

    • Repair carts that are out of service due to auto damage, vandalism​, or excessive wear.

    • May include frame restructuring, intensive welding, or major realignment.

  • Welding

    • Replace missing or damaged wires, repair missing or broken frame sections, and secure worn or potentially hazardous existing welds​. 

    • Every truck is equipped with industrial mig welders.

Handicap Cart Repair Service

  • Mart Cart, Mart Mate, and Amigo repairs and warranty work.

  • Clean, repair, and safety inspect.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Clean, repair, and lube.

  • Six wheelers, u-boats, meat racks, bakery equipment, pallet jacks, etc.

General Cleaning

  • Steam clean sidewalks, trash compactors, and dock areas.

  • Steam clean and sanitize refrigerated cases and display cases.

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