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We can take in your old, worn out and rusted shopping carts and make them like new again! All carts are fully inspected and repaired, then stripped down and prepped for the powder coating process. A durable powder coat is applied and baked to a super hard finish. The carts are then reassembled with brand new wheels, casters, plastic seats, handles, and new ASTM child restraints. All remanufactured shopping carts are safety inspected and come with a one year coating warranty.

Rusted shopping cart before remanufacture

1. Your old worn out and rusted carts come into our warehouse looking like this...

  • All carts are fully inspected and repaired

  • Baskets and frames are straightened and aligned

  • Carts are checked for any missing welds or broken frame sections

  • Non-repairable carts are stripped down and recycled

2. The carts are then stripped to bare metal for the powder coating process

  • Carts are rust stripped and passed thru a 5-stage cleaning process

  • A durable powder coat is then applied and baked to a super hard finish

  • Top coat is available in any color; standard colors include granite, grey, and flat black

  • All carts go through a 2 hour prep, coat, and bake process to ensure the best finish

  • All remanufactured carts come with a one year coating warranty 

Shopping cart after stripping process
Shopping cart after remanufactured

3. Cart re-assembly

  • New wheels and casters installed

  • New plastic seats and handles are installed

  • New ASTM child restraints added

  • All carts are safety inspected

  • Carts look brand new and are ready for redistribution!

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